Estamos aqui!
Estamos aqui!
Our school is totally dedicated to the teaching of foreign languages to children, teenagers, and adults. With a competent and experienced team, we invest in the creation of a flexible offer. We stand out because of our many learning paths that are practical and aimed at the needs of each student.
With this objective in mind, we focus on the careful preparation of methodologies, materials, and working environments that are appropriate for the profile of the students, their levels of knowledge, and how they choose to study.
Come and see our teams professionalism for yourself. Training is, without a doubt, the best intervention in the future, the safest and most stimulant response to the challenges you may encounter, both in your professional and personal life. + Idiomas is accredited by DGERT (Directorate-General for Employment and Industrial Relations)
as a training entity in the area of foreign languages.

+ Idiomas, your language school in Oporto!
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    We have developed a wide range of programmes tailored to the specific needs of our students, which has given us a one-of-a-kind solid experience and adaptability.
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    - A highly specialized training team certified in the coordination of courses; - Steady teaching staff made up of qualified trainers with extensive experience; - Accreditation by DGERT; - Quality standards ensured by compliance with the requirements of the QMS - ISO 9001.
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    Based on the analysis of the student satisfaction questionnaires and our annual activity, we have found that over 80% of our students classify our training as Good, which has been very important for us and has given us even more motivation to improve further, every day. Every student who has prepared for Official Foreign Language Exams with us has successfully passed the requirements of the QMS - ISO 9001.
+ IDIOMAS is dedicated to the teaching of languages to all citizens, with a lifelong learning perspective adapted to the specific needs of each student. Its mission is the professional training and education in the languages of the European Union, according to the standards of pedagogical excellence, and providing a transparent qualification. Its activities are structured so as to guarantee the possibility of obtaining a recognized certification, accepted in any member state of the European Union. It aims to further a high level of training adapted to the needs of modern society, focusing on a successful professional performance.
The overall aim of the + IDIOMAS methodology will always be reaching the objectives agreed on for each course. Therefore, it is fundamental that the trainees regularly attend classes and have an active participation so as to allow for an immediate transfer of the acquired knowledge to situations that reflect their daily social and professional use.
- The + IDIOMAS teaching method adapts to the different needs and learning rhythms of each trainee or group. We have implemented a non-linear approach that allows us to negotiate with the trainees on how the programme will unfold, what will happen in each class, and how they will practice between classes.

- The main methodology used is based on a "Communicative Approach" aimed at the active participation of the trainees in the learning process with the constant supervision and support given by the trainer, who acts as a learning coordinator and facilitator, creating materials and situations for the trainees to think and interact in the target language.

- The trainees are also given resources that they can and should use between classes, in order remain in contact with the language as much as possible.
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The Cidade das Profissões (City of Professions) is a service promoted by the Porto City Hall, through the Porto Social Foundation. Its mission is to foster peoples employability and entrepreneurship, supporting them in the management of new challenges and professional transitions and helping them to discover their professional potential and define new strategies to approach the current labour market.
Consequently, Mais Idiomas offers free Language Clubs in order to give participants language skills necessary to develop their curriculum and successfully have a job interview in a foreign language.