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Study Aid

Invest in your childrens' training, invest in a life-long learning process!

You may enrol in the + IDIOMAS Play & Learn Academy, a study group and free time activities centre specialised in educational aid for Primary School students.

We are exclusively dedicated to helping primary school students because we understand the great importance of the first years in school for the construction of study habits and the acquisition of knowledge which will be the basis for the student's motivation towards learning and studying.

For parents that have work schedules that are incompatible with those of their children, IDIOMAS Play & Learn Academy offers a personalised transport service.

We favour close interaction between the teacher and student so as to carefully analyse the needs of each one and consequently consolidate their skills.

+ IDIOMAS Play & Learn Academy aims to apply a new concept regarding educational aid, all the while focusing on quality and rigour in the promotion of success in school for the students that are part of the English language learning process.

Aided study for primary school students;
English classes;
Educational yet playful activities;
Computer skills;
Education and psychological support;
Transport from school to the academy;
Free time activities, summer camp.

Monday to Friday from 4 p.m. to 7.30p.m.
(we pick the children up from school before or after the ECA)

Enrolment fee: 40€

Monthly fee: 98€