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English Kids

The English language is currently the international language of communication and its learning is extremely important. Our kids are placed in classes according to their age and level of English.

Little Kids Class ( 3 to 6 year olds)

The children in this age group have a high level of motivation and great interest in communicating which stems from their natural curiosity, but also from their willingness to learn. At this stage, the teaching of the English language is not based on attaining perfection but on motivating the child to express himself in the language he is learning by means of mostly playful activities and dynamic interaction in terms of activity and communication.
One of the main objectives is to make the child feel at ease, to help him like the language, and also develop an education towards communication. Thus, teaching English to Pre-schoolers is based on essentially oral activities so as to awaken the senses of understanding and communication.

Kids Class ( 6 to 10 year olds)

Our classes are structured according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference), thus allowing the children to be aware of their development, continuously motivating them towards learning the English language. Our main goal is to create a solid foundation for the learning of English for their personal and professional future.

We work with the 4 areas, intercalating each one with activities in pairs or groups, role-plays, music, and presentations, by using activities that create an atmosphere where the children feel the need, curiosity, and interest in communicating in English.

At the end of this learning process, the children can take the Cambridge ESOL Young Learner Tests, which are specific for each age group.

Visit us, bring your child, and get to know our methodology. We have special conditions for groups that are from the same school.

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