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We are proud of the work we have been developing along with and together with our client companies! The learning of languages is one of the most important factors needed to maintain the ongoing process of globalisation, and we have been partners with our clients in this way.

We have implemented a wide array of programmes adjusted to the needs and interests of each group or individual, which has given us a wide experience training in and for companies.

Business / Meetings / International Trade Fairs / Phone Calls / Correspondence and Emails / Tourism / Hotels / Banking / Health / and many More

Contact us and find out about what we have to offer in terms of training directed to each business need, for the safe crossing of linguistic boundaries which we should surmount, day by day, in business and in interpersonal relationships for an efficient and expansive communication.

We will help you overcome the surprised expression of the taxi driver, or hotel receptionist, the misunderstandings on the phone and emails, as well as the uncomfortable smiles in meetings.

With us, you will understand and speak MORE!

Idiomas is accredited by DGERT

"General Directorate of Employment and Labour Relationships", as a training entity in the field of foreign languages.

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Why we stand out

Given the ever-growing internationalisation of our companies and the resultant economic globalisation, we are aware of the companies' pressing need for certification in foreign languages.

  • The way we listen to our Clients.

  • Simplifying what appears to be complex.

  • Communicating in a transparent way.

  • The cultivation of trust and proximity, replying swiftly to every question.

  • Building relationships that last... All in all, what makes us stand out are our Clients!

Therefore, there is no one better than our Clients to explain why we are the right partner for foreign languages training.

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Methodology For Companies

The global orientation of the + IDIOMAS methodology will always be the accomplishment of objectives set up for each course. As such, it is essential that the trainees be regular and active participants so as to allow for the immediate transferral of acquired knowledge for situations that reflect the daily socio-professional use.

  • + IDIOMAS teaching methods adapt to the different needs and learning rhythms for each trainee or group. We implement a non-linear approach which allows for the negotiation of the programme with the trainees on what is given in each class and how they practise.  

  • The main methodology used is based on a "Communicative Approach" aimed at an active participation of the trainees in the learning process under the supervision and with the constant support of the trainer who is the coordinator and learning helper, creating materials and setting up situations so that the trainees can think and interact using the target language.

  • The trainees are also given the possibility of using resources that they can and should use between classes so as to have as much contact as possible with the language.

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At + IDIOMAS, evaluation is continuous, in a formative style, and using a final exam aimed at evaluating the results of the learning process.

-At the end of each month, we send an attendance map of every trainee/group so we can evaluate the participation rate of the trainees and check if every aspect is going as planned -At the end of each training period, an evaluation report -interim and final - is done.

This evaluation should show trainees their success rate in regards to reaching objectives.

-We send the client a report of each trainee at the end of the programme, as well as the satisfaction surveys.

Transparent Certification in line with the Common European Framework of Reference